The FY21 Tenant Satisfaction Survey is an opportunity for Marines who live on base to share their opinions on housing. Responses provide leadership with insight into resident satisfaction and may be used by Congress to provide oversight and accountability. You may learn more by reading the Chief Housing Officer’s memorandum, the Defense Department’s announcement, and a message from MCICOM. Every response helps to strengthen the overall result of this effort by capturing the unique and varied experiences of tens of thousands of Marines stationed around the world.

“The survey results will help inform plans for near-term and future improvements to housing, resident services and community amenities.” - W. Jordan Gillis, assistant secretary of defense for sustainment and the Defense Department’s chief housing officer

Taking the Survey

The FY21 Tenant Satisfaction Survey will be available online starting December 8th through January 31st.

Accompanied personnel should expect an email and/or SMS invitation after the survey start date. Please follow the instructions provided within this invitation. Only one response may be provided per household.

Unaccompanied personnel should return to this website on the survey start date. They will be asked to provide their DOD ID number prior to participating.

Impartial and Confidential

Personally identifiable information (PII) may be solicited prior to survey participation in order to confirm residency status. PII will not be used to identify the participation status or responses of any individual. Only anonymized data will be provided to the Marine Corps and its housing stakeholders.

What is RDN’s involvement?

The FY21 Tenant Satisfaction Survey is administered by Robert D. Niehaus, Inc. (RDN), an economic consulting firm located in Santa Barbara, California. In addition to administering the first ever Marine Corps-sponsored Resident Satisfaction Survey in 2019, RDN has decades of experience conducting housing market analyses and surveys for the armed services. The company is committed to protecting the confidentiality of responses and conducting every analysis with honesty and integrity.